1928 Lincoln type 163B sport phaeton by Locke

The type 163B dual cowl sport phaeton by Locke & Company is considered one of the most handsome body styles ever installed on the Lincoln chassis. Locke also designed and built an equally handsome roadster for Lincoln.

This dual cowl sport phaeton was one of more than 30 different body styles available—factory and custom— on the Lincoln chassis in 1928. A total of 150 were built.

Power was supplied by a Leland-designed V-8 that developed 90 horsepower.

Additional Information

The policy of the Lincoln Motor Company was to make subtle changes in their motorcars—in fact, the company did not endorse the concept of annual changes. For 1928 the Leland-designed V-8 now displaced 384.8 cubic inches thanks to a 1/8 inch bore increase. Motor refinements included a counterbalanced crankshaft and an oil filter. Horsepower was rated at 90.

More than 30 different body styles were available—factory and custom— on the 136-inch wheelbase Lincoln chassis in 1928. `Lincoln Motor Company worked with more custom coachbuilders than any other automobile marque. In addition to Locke & Co. their coach building partners included Brunn, Dietrich, Derham, Holbrook, Judkins, LeBaron, Willoughby.

Price of this Lincoln type 163 sport phaeton by Locke was $4,600. A total of 150 were built. Total Lincoln production for 1928 was 6,039.

This rare Lincoln is on loan from Jay Quail of Mequon, Wisconsin.


Linclon Car M 14-3141