2015 Annual Lincoln Homecoming

The 2015 Annual Lincoln Homecoming was held on August 6-9, 2015 at the Gilmore Car Museum campus, hosted by the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club and featured an LCOC Mid-America National Meet.

“The LCOC did a superb job producing the first of what will become an annual event,” said David Schultz LMCF president.

“Nearly 100 Lincolns were on display throughout the weekend, which featured beautiful Michigan weather," said Bob Johnson who coordinated the meet with fellow LCOC member Dennis Garrett.

Highlights of the weekend included a driving tour to Saugatuck, Michigan, where participants enjoyed a paddlewheel boat ride. Of course, the true highlights of the weekend were the Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum and the show field of beautiful Lincolns on display during the LCOC’s Mid America National Meet. Auctions were conducted during dinners on Friday and Saturday evenings, with a total of $5,019 collected for the Lincoln Motor Car Foundation, which operates the museum.

The LCOC conducted judging for all car owners who wished to have their cars judged. A number of cars were exhibition-only.

Automobiles recognized as “Decade Winners” were:

  • 1920s - 1921 Leland-Built type 106 limousine owned by Bill and Rita Wybenga of Pilton, Ontario (the oldest Lincoln on display).
  • 1940s – 1942 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet owned by Roger and Barb Wothe of Wayzata, Minnesota.
  • 1950s – 1953 Lincoln Cosmopolitan hardtop driven by Mike and Joan Denney of Mounds, Oklahoma.
  • 1960s – 1963 Lincoln Continental sedan driven by Stuart and Robin Cohen of Vineland, New Jersey.
  • 1970s – 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V driven by James Shelton Chandler of Normandy Park, Washington.
  • 1980s – 1987 Lincoln Continental sedan driven by Steve and Katie Amant of Ellisville, Missouri.
  • 1990s – 1992 Lincoln Continental Mark VII convertible driven by Bob and Mary Gilstorff of Olmsted, Michigan.
  • 2000s – 2013 Lincoln MKT driven by Dave Gustafson of Burnsville, Minnesota

A detailed account of the meet, including all awards, can be found in the LCOC publication, Continental Comments.

In other museum news, two new cars have been placed on display at the museum—a 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan convertible owned by Randy Fehr of Wayland, Iowa and a 1961 Lincoln Continental sedan owned by Brian Ventura of Farmington Hills, Michigan.

The museum also received a donation of back issues of the Fork & Blade and Continental Comments plus several Lincoln books, advertisements and photographs from LOC member Randall Middleton of Normal, Illinois.

Also slated for display in the museum is a Zephyr HV-12 motor that has been restored and donated by LZOC member Merv Adkins of California.