Four Major Lincoln Clubs to gather on August 9 for opening of Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum

April 15, 2014 – Hickory Corners, Mich.

All four of the major Lincoln clubs will be present when the new Lincoln Motorcar Heritage Museum is dedicated on August 9. The museum is located on the campus of the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan.

“We are pleased to announce the museum’s dedication,” said Jack Eby, who has served as chairman of the Lincoln Motor Car Foundation since it was founded several years ago. The four major Lincoln clubs provided the inspiration and planning and have been instrumental in raising funds for the museum: the Lincoln Owners Club, Lincoln-Zephyr Club, Lincoln and Continental Owners Club and the Road Race Lincoln Register. “We expect quite a turnout of Lincoln aficionados that weekend,” said David Schultz Lincoln Motorcar Foundation president, whose responsibility includes completion of the museum’s interior. “A fine committee has planned a wonderful slate of activities for the dedication weekend.”

Among the 20 automobiles that will be on display when the museum opens are a one-off 1939 Lincoln K convertible sedan built by LeBaron-Briggs for a North American tour by the King and Queen of England, an unrestored, original 1955 Continental Mark II and a Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance award winning 1928 Lincoln Judkins Berline.

“Several automobiles and significant items have been donated but we are still seeking specific automobiles and Lincoln-related historical items for the museum,” said Schultz. “Among the Lincoln memorabilia and automobiles are coach-built 1930s Lincolns and a Leland-built Liberty V12 motor.” Individuals interested in donating an automobile or historical artifacts to the museum should contact Schultz at (330) 833.3316 or DavidSchultz.us@gmail.com

“The LMCF was established as an education foundation for a three fold purpose,” said Eby, “ creating a Lincoln archive, building a museum and establishing an educational outreach program.” The 15,000 square foot museum exterior design was inspired by an original Lincoln dealership built in the neo classical style in the late 1920s in Detroit. Schultz noted that while the foundation has raised enough money to build the museum additional funds are needed to construct the exhibits and displays. Among the significant artifacts in the new museum are the “Lincoln stones,” the lentel that was originally installed over the main entrance of the original Lincoln administration building. “While work is now underway to complete the museum’s exhibits and displays an important task remains—raising the funds to pay for this,” said Schultz. “A number of individuals and organizations have stepped up to get us where we are today and we are most appreciative of their efforts.

“Some individuals told us they’ll make their donation when they see a building going up. It’s our hope that will now happen,” said Schultz. “Those donations will make a significant difference as we move forward with completion of the interior exhibits.” Individuals seeking more information about the dedication weekend events should contact Greg Bilpuch at bilpuch@yahoo.com or (248) 789.9258.

Donations for the Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum should be sent to: Jack Shea, Lincoln Motor Car Foundation, 5022 Harbortown Lane, Fort Myers, FL 33919


David Schultz (330) 833.3316 or davidschultz.us@gmail.com