Message From the Chairman

October 1, 2017

Hard to believe but our fourth annual Lincoln Homecoming is behind us. The 2017 Homecoming was the largest since the Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum opened in 2014. Hosting the event was the Lincoln Owners Club and there was a large turnout of prewar Lincolns in addition to Lincolns of all eras.

During the pre-homecoming event in Dearborn, Michigan we were fortunate to hear Lincoln Motor Company President Kumar Galhotra talk about the new Lincoln. Of particular significance he cited Lincoln heritage several times during his talk. Mr. Galhotra was joined by Lincoln Motor Company’s top marketing office, Robert Parker, who echoed Mr. Galhotra’s comments about Lincoln heritage.

During the Homecoming several enjoyable tours were held. Our keynote speaker for Saturday evening’s gala dinner was Jack Telnack, retired head of design at Ford Motor Company, who entertained a full house with stories about his design career at Ford.

The 2018 Lincoln Homecoming will be hosted by the Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018.

I hope you’ll join the capital campaign that is underway to build the endowment that will support our Lincoln museum for years to come.

Contact any of the Lincoln Motor Car Foundation officers for assistance in making your pledge.

Thanks to the efforts of many Lincoln enthusiasts our Lincoln museum continues to evolve and grow.

– David Schultz, LMCF chairman


2018 Annual Lincoln Homecoming

The 2018 Homecoming will combine the Fifth Annual Lincoln Homecoming with the 50th Anniversary of the Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club (LZOC). The event will be held in two locations: Elkhart, Indiana and Hickory Comers/Kalamazoo, Michigan.