Ford and Lincoln X-Plan Discount Program

Lincoln Motor Car Foundation (LMCF) LIFE MEMBER CARDHOLDERS who reside in the U.S. are eligible for the Ford Motor Company X-Plan, a partner discount program for new Ford and Lincoln vehicles. This discount applies to the vehicle’s MSRP and can be as much as 5%, depending on the vehicle selected. To qualify for this discount you must obtain an X-Plan PIN number which you provide to your Ford or Lincoln dealer before purchasing your new vehicle.

The name and address that is used to generate your X-Plan PIN must match the name and address on the vehicle registration and sales agreement.

The dealership must retain a copy of your LMCF Life Member card, so be sure to have it available when you purchase your new vehicle.

If you cannot locate your LMCF Life Member card, please click here to request a replacement.