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The 2018 Officers of the Lincoln Motor Car Foundation

  • David W. Schultz
    Chair and Chief Executive Officer
  • James D. Blanchard, Jr.
    President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Earle O. Brown, Jr.
    Executive Vice President
  • C. Joel Dickson
    Vice President – Secretary
  • Bruce M. Kopf
    Vice President – Treasurer
  • David W. Schultz, De Facto
    Vice President – Publications
  • James D. Blanchard, Jr.
    Vice President – Executive Director Museums

The 2018 Board of Trustees of the Lincoln Motor Car Foundation

Robert J. Anderson | James D. Blanchard, Jr. | Earle O. Brown, Jr. | Thomas W. Brunner | Gerald A. Capizzi | Mike Denney | C. Joel Dickson | Chris Dunn | Jerry L. Emery | James D. Farley, Jr. | Kumar Galhotra | Dennis R. Garrett | Al Giombetti | Darryl B. Hazel | Robert Johnson | Jack Juratovic | Bruce M. Kopf | Vaughn A. Koshkarian | Lee R. Miskowski | Jim Muller | H. Gene Nau | David W. Roycroft, MD | David W. Schultz | John L. Sweet | Daniel Szwarc | John A. Talbourdet | Jack Telnack | Paul C. Temple | Eric van den Beemt

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