Ford and Lincoln X-Plan Discount Program

Lincoln Motor Car Foundation (LMCF) LIFE MEMBER CARDHOLDERS who reside in the U.S. are eligible for the Ford Motor Company X-Plan, a partner discount program for new Ford and Lincoln vehicles. This discount applies to the vehicle’s MSRP and can be as much as 5%, depending on the vehicle selected. To qualify for this discount you must obtain an X-Plan PIN number which you provide to your Ford or Lincoln dealer before purchasing your new vehicle.

The name and address that is used to generate your X-Plan PIN must match the name and address on the vehicle registration and sales agreement.

The dealership must retain a copy of your LMCF Life Member card, so be sure to have it available when you purchase your new vehicle.

You Can Become A Lincoln Motor Car Foundation Life Member in Two Ways

You Can Become A Lincoln Motor Car Foundation Life Member in Two Ways:

Join as a Life Member Support and become a Life Member

X-Plan PIN Application

To apply for an X-Plan PIN, please fill out the information below and click 'Submit'.


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