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Lincoln Heritage

The first Lincoln motorcar was built in September 1920 in Detroit. The Lincoln Motor Company was founded by Henry Leland, a legendary tool and die manufacturer, who was known as “the master of precision” and former president of the Cadillac Motor Car Company. Today, Lincolns of all eras remain sought after by collector car enthusiasts.

Brief History of Lincoln Motor Cars

The Lincoln Motor Company was originally organized to manufacture Liberty motors during World War One and a modern manufacturing plant was born. When the war effort ended, the decision was made to manufacture a new luxury motorcar and that led to the first Lincoln motorcar being built in September of 1920.

The People

One automotive legend launched the car; another took it to greatness; countless individuals contribute to the heritage of the legendary Lincoln motor car.

Lincoln Videos

Enjoy this growing collection of Lincoln videos!

Join Us and Help to Make this Great Museum

The Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum is a place of education, fascination and inspiration. It can also be a place of lasting legacy for you. There are a variety of naming, memorial or commemorative opportunities available. Learn how you can be a part of the success of the Lincoln Museum and preserve history for generations to come.