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Great Museums Tell Great Stories

Great Museums Tell Great Stories

The new Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum illustrates the rich history of the American automobile by tracing the legacy of the Lincoln automobile as a unifying thread. The Lincoln is unique among automotive brands, as the activities of Henry and Wilfred Leland, Henry and Edsel Ford, Billy Durant, the third, fourth and fifth generations of the Ford family and the hundreds of thousands of dedicated people associated with the Lincoln brand are integrated into a fascinating continuum.

Great Museums Tell Great Stories

A visit to the Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum provides an entertaining and educational encounter with some of the finest automobiles ever produced and an acquaintance with the many people who worked to make them great. Memorable, multi-sensory presentations are planned, with exhibits brought to life with the latest audio/visual technologies.

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Among the significant milestones of Lincoln history to be represented are:

  • The history of the Henry Ford Company, paralleling the Cadillac story and Henry Leland’s leadership of Cadillac.
  • Henry and Wilfred Leland leave Cadillac to establish the Lincoln Motor Company for the production of Liberty aircraft engines.
  • Henry Ford Lincoln Motor Car Company to expand Ford Motor Company into the luxury automotive market.

More Lincoln stories...

  • The 1920’s and 1930’s Classic Era of coach-built American luxury vehicles, with Lincoln designs supervised and inspired by Edsel Ford.
  • Streamlining in American design and the introduction of the 1936 Lincoln-Zephyr.
  • The classic Lincoln Continentals of 1940-48.
  • The 1952-54 Pan American Road races dominated by Lincoln.
  • The development and introduction of the iconic 1956 Continental Mark II.
  • The introduction of the trend-setting 1961-63 Lincolns.
  • The 1969-79 Mark revival highlighted by the “Designer Marks.”
  • The 1980 Lincoln downsizing in response to multiple oil disruptions.
  • The 1998 Navigator creates the luxury sport utility vehicle segment.
  • Current and future Lincoln vehicles representing the resurgence of the brand


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